Shhh…..The Secret Tooth

On Sunday 1st July, our little baby finally cut her first tooth, aged 9 and a half months. Not that we had been worried, or anything.  It can be much longer before they get a tooth.  The arrival of the tooth was without fanfare.  Except for a shocking case of nappy rash, which is something that Rosa has never suffered from before.  Added to the teething was the fact that there was a stealth poo in her nappy when she woke up that morning, which normally never happens.  Sure that didn’t help either. Thankfully the nappy rash is clearing up nicely.

I only found out about the tooth by accident, when she had been ‘carpet-surfing’ and I noticed she had something in her mouth ( a crumb of toast from that morning – nice!).  Trying to fish it out of her mouth, I felt something hard where her bottom incisors will be.  The secret tooth!  Secret because she, sweetly, won’t let her Mum and Dad look at it.  We are just about permitted to feel it, but she covers it with her tongue when we try to look at it.  She’ll be cross if she finds out I’ve let the cat out of the bag.  Shhhh….keep it to yourself, ok?


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