Argh, Why Do Immunisations Hurt (Me) So Much?

I have a confession to make.  It’s fairly pathetic.  For Rosa’s first two lots of jabs, I made Richard come along and hold her.  I sat next to them, boob at the ready, but it wasn’t needed.  I just couldn’t bring myself to hold Rosa.  In fact, I nearly chickened out of going to the doctor’s surgery entirely.

I don’t know why, but the very thought of taking her for her injections made me feel sick.  The first immunisations were a bit of a shock.  I had expected small needles for babies, but no.  They’re just normal, adult-sized needles. And she had to have two injections, one in each skinny little thigh.  I think I was still a bit traumatised by all the injections, blood tests and canulas Rosa had to have during her three weeks in the Special Care Baby Unit. To be honest, for the first set of jabs at 8 weeks, she slept through them and although she let out one big “Waaaaaahhhhhhh” for each injection her eyes never actually opened!  She was awake for the second lot at 12 weeks, which was also two injections.  Her sunny, innocent little face smiling at the nurse seconds before crumpling into tears as the needle went in was heartbreaking.  In truth, she did the same as before really. Just one wail for each injection and then she was back to her usual smiley little self.

She had her third lot of immunisations a few weeks ago and I took her along.  BY MYSELF! 🙂 I had put it off for about 4 weeks, because I was hoping she would put a little chub on those skinny legs. The third set of jabs is 3 injections in one session.  Unfortunately, the nurse had no appointments free when Richard was available so I would have to take her by myself.  I have to admit that I was dreading it, but it really was fine.  The nurse got it over with quickly and efficiently and Rosa wailed for each injection once only, as before.  I’m so proud of her!

Ultimately, I never considered not having Rosa immunised.  After having watched my sick baby in hospital fighting an infection for 3 weeks after birth, I want to give her every chance of avoiding serious illness. She is honestly not bothered by injections and although I still feel awful taking her along for them, it is so worth it.


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