What’s With All The Pink?

Firstly, let me say that I have nothing against pink, per se.  I have a few items of pink clothing myself, in fact. But what I cannot abide is the current total polarisation of colours in baby clothing. Everything is pink for a girl or blue for a boy.  Or white, yellow or green for pre-birth purchases where gender is unknown.

I do dress Rosa in pink, but also in blue, green, purple, red, brown…..as many colours of the spectrum as possible, in fact.  I dressed her in floral-embroidered chambray (i.e. light blue) for a family event a few weeks ago and Rich’s Aunt couldn’t get her head around the fact that Rosa is a girl.  I could hear Rich in the corridor talking to her saying “Rosa (pause)….Rosa (pause)…..Rosa (pause)…..Rosa (pause)…..Rosa” in various tones (going up, going down – still didn’t compute!) when she asked what the baby’s name was.  After he had said it loooooooads of times, she finally got it and said, “You should have dressed her in pink, then I would have known she was a girl and the name would have made sense!”.

Looking back at photos of when I was a small child, there seemed to be a lot of red, green, brown and orange!  A nice 70s palette there.  I remember having some pink clothes, but also a lot of other colours.

The other day we watched some Tots TV, that 90s kids programme from the Ragdoll Productions stable that features the adventures of three puppets, Tilly, Tom and Tiny.  Interspersed with Tilly, Tom and Tiny’s exploits are video segments featuring children.  It was noticeable that these kids were not wearing pink or blue, but lots of different colours. So the whole pink or blue only thing is relatively recent.

So why do parents dress their babies in pink or blue only? Is it so that people know what gender the child is?  Does that really matter in a baby??  I don’t agree with those silly buggers who gave their baby a gender-neutral name and concealed his gender from everyone until he was five.  That is taking things a bit too far. Gender is a big part of who we are, but I don’t want to be imposing stereotypes on Rosa by dressing her mainly in pink. Neither will I be encouraging a princess fixation.  What the hell’s that all about anyway (hmmm, passive)? It’s only a short step from there to aspiring to be a WAG, in my book, which would be a tragedy.

What do you think about clothing babies in mainly pink or blue clothing? Is it harmless or the start of a lifetime of stereotyping?


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