Is it possible to breastfeed discreetly? And why should we?

Ooh, rant alert! Why is it that perfectly lovely people add little conditions to the end of sentences expressing their support for public breastfeeding such as, “as long as it’s done discreetly”?  To my mind, thus rendering themselves bastards.  It makes me very angry.  Having had a baby and struggled with breastfeeding the whole 5.5 months of her life so far, it makes me particularly peeved.  I have worked very hard to continue feeding her and unless we were to stay in and not go anywhere ever, I have to feed her in public sometimes.

Everyone knows that breastfeeding is incredibly beneficial to babies.  My little girl had an infection just after birth and spent 3 weeks fighting it in the special care baby unit.  So I am very motivated to get as much breast milk into her as possible so she can benefit from all those lovely antibodies.  I can tell you that wrangling a big ole boob, a wriggly baby, my special under boob feeding wedge and a nipple shield (yep, we’re still using those at nearly 6 months) in public is not easy at all.  Especially not when the aforementioned child is pulling my top up every time I try to pull it down to cover the boobage.

I will never feed my baby in a toilet, because toilets are not where you eat, are they?  Breastfeeding a baby in a toilet would be both uncomfortable and unhygienic. And what sort of message does feeding in a toilet give out about breastfeeding?  That breastfeeding is ‘rude’ and/or dirty.  WTF??

In summary, I shall be feeding my daughter in cafes, restaurants and wherever else I need to.  If someone has a problem with seeing a bit of boob, then they need to move. And get a frigging life, too!


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