Daddy Got Drunk

Although I may have been laying off the booze for over a year, I have no problem with my lovely other half going out from time to time and having a sherbet or two. However, last night he crossed a line.  HE STOLE MY SLEEP! That is clearly an unforgivable transgression. Let me tell you what happened….

He went out at about 8pm saying, “we’re not going to have a big session tonight – and definitely NO sambuca” and our baby fell asleep at about 8.30pm.  I then had lovely times, writing my first blog posts and having vanilla ice cream with hot fudge sauce (I will share the recipe with you later). I expressed some milk and then gave that to our little one at 11pm.  She then woke up and I spent an hour settling her again. It was about 12.45am before she was asleep again.  Imagine my delight then when I received a soppy text message at 1.02am from my other half. I should have known that this meant trouble. Anyway, I went to bed and was deeply asleep when my mobile phone rang at 2.30am. It was charging at the other side of the room and I went from horizontal to diving towards the phone in a fraction of a second to avoid waking the baby.  The conversation went as follows:

OH: slurs “Hi hon, how are you?”

Me: whispers viciously “I was fine until some w*nker phoned me at 2.30 in the morning. What do you want?”

OH: slurs “Just wanted to tell you I’m at Dave’s house and will be here for a bit longer. Hope that’s ok?”

Me: “I don’t give a crap what you do, as long as you do it quietly and without waking me and the baby!”

OH: hopefully slurs “Love you!”

Me: “Grrrrr!”

It then took me 30 mins to get back to sleep and 30 mins after that I had to give bubster her night feed, which takes an hour. I was somewhat tired this morning as a result. But OH then made me a lovely breakfast and was quite cutely hungover, so I’ll let him off – just this once, mind.

PS It turns out that sambuca was imbibed, because the pub landlord proffered one on the house as it was OH’s first Friday night out since our daughter was born. So not really his fault…I suppose.


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